If you use miles as a unit of length than - the distance from Portland to Phoenix is 1336.08 miles.

The road trip out of Portland to Phoenix will take approximately 71540 minutes if the drive average speed and the absence of accidents and traffic jams


Road map driving directions from Portland to Phoenix

Start city: Portland

  1. 0.4 miHead west on W Burnside St toward W Burnside St
  2. 36 ftTurn right onto SW 14th Ave (signs for US-30 W/Interstate 405 N)
  3. 0.2 miSlight right onto NW 14th Ave
  4. 499 ftTurn left onto NW Glisan St
  5. 0.1 miTurn left onto NW 16th Ave
  6. 0.3 miTake the Interstate 405 S ramp on the left to U.S. 26
  7. 1.3 miMerge onto I-405 S
  8. 544 miTake the exit on the left onto I-5 S toward Salem
    Entering California
  9. 15.7 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-5 S, follow signs for Woodland/Sacramento
  10. 91.8 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-5 S
  11. 225 miI-5 S turns slightly right and becomes I-5 S
  12. 58.4 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-5 S, follow signs for Interstate 5
  13. 2.0 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-5 S
  14. 0.7 miTake exit 161A for I-210 E toward Pasadena
  15. 24.1 miContinue onto I-210 E
  16. 19.5 miKeep right at the fork to stay on I-210 E
  17. 41.0 miContinue onto CA-210
  18. 0.9 miTake exit 85B on the left for Interstate 10 E toward Indio
  19. 310 miMerge onto I-10 E
    Entering Arizona
  20. 0.2 miTake exit 145 for 7th St
  21. 1.0 miKeep right at the fork, follow signs for 7th St S and merge onto N 7th St
  22. 0.5 miTurn right onto E Washington St

Destination: Phoenix

Features of the route between Portland and Phoenix

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