If you use miles as a unit of length than - the distance from Fargo to Phoenix is 1110.00 miles.

The road trip out of Fargo to Phoenix will take approximately 61201 minutes if the drive average speed and the absence of accidents and traffic jams


Road map driving directions from Fargo to Phoenix

Start city: Fargo

  1. 92 ftHead south on Roberts St N toward 1st Ave N
  2. 0.4 miTurn right at the 1st cross street onto 1st Ave N
  3. 2.0 miTurn left onto N University Dr
  4. 225 miMerge onto I-94 E via the ramp to Minneapolis
    Entering Minnesota
  5. 12.9 miKeep left at the fork to continue on I-694 E
  6. 10.9 miKeep right at the fork to stay on I-694 E
  7. 381 ftContinue onto I-494 S
  8. 0.3 miTake exit 58B for I-94 E toward Madison
  9. 248 miKeep left at the fork, follow signs for Radio Dr and merge onto I-94 E
    Entering Wisconsin
  10. 103 miKeep right at the fork to continue on I-90 E
    Partial toll road
    Entering Illinois
  11. 13.7 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-90 E
    Toll road
  12. 0.5 miTake the IL-53 exit toward I-290/Chicago-West Suburbs/NW Suburbs
    Toll road
  13. 0.8 miKeep right at the fork, follow signs for I-290 E/IL-53 S/Chicago/W Suburbs
    Partial toll road
  14. 5.5 miKeep left, follow signs for IL-72/Higgins Rd and merge onto I-290 E/IL-53 S
    Continue to follow I-290 E
  15. 9.2 miKeep right at the fork to stay on I-290 E, follow signs for Chicago
  16. 0.4 miTake exit 15A for Interstate 294 South Tollway toward Indiana
    Toll road
  17. 32.5 miMerge onto I-294 S
    Partial toll road
  18. 12.9 miContinue onto I-80 E
    Partial toll road
    Entering Indiana
  19. 0.4 miTake exit 11 for I-65 S toward Indianapolis
  20. 130 miKeep left and merge onto I-65 S
  21. 18.9 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-65 S
  22. 111 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-65 S, follow signs for Louisville
    Partial toll road
    Entering Kentucky
  23. 84.1 miKeep left to stay on I-65 S
  24. 0.3 miTake exit 53 for KY-90/KY-70 toward Cave City/Glasgow
  25. 10.2 miTurn left onto KY-70 E/KY-90 E/Mammoth Cave Rd (signs for Cave City/Glasgow)
    Continue to follow KY-90 E
  26. 0.6 miTurn right onto N L Rogers Wells Blvd
  27. 0.5 miTurn left onto W Main St
  28. 0.3 miTurn right onto Leslie Ave
  29. 0.4 miTurn left to stay on Leslie Ave
  30. 161 ftTurn right onto S Green St
  31. 0.2 miTurn left onto Bunche Ave
  32. 0.5 miTurn right onto S Lewis St
  33. 15.6 miContinue onto Roseville Rd
  34. 4.3 miContinue onto State Hwy 249
  35. 9.0 miSlight left onto KY-100 E
  36. 1.9 miTurn right onto State Hwy 87/Clementsville Rd
    Continue to follow Clementsville Rd
    Entering Tennessee
  37. 0.3 miContinue onto Clementsville Ky Rd
  38. 0.8 miContinue onto Clementsville Rd
  39. 0.9 miTurn left to stay on Clementsville Rd
  40. 1.4 miTurn right to stay on Clementsville Rd
  41. 0.3 miContinue onto Old Union Hill Rd
  42. 19.7 miTurn left onto TN-135 S
  43. 10.1 miKeep right to continue on TN-53 S/TN-56 S
    Continue to follow TN-56 S
  44. 5.0 miTurn left onto TN-290 E
  45. 1.4 miTurn right onto County Farm Rd
  46. 0.7 miTurn left onto Pippin Rd
  47. 2.7 miContinue onto W Jackson St
  48. 440 ftTurn left onto S Walnut Ave
  49. 0.1 miTurn right at the 1st cross street onto E Borden St
    Destination will be on the right

Destination: Phoenix

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