If you use miles as a unit of length than - the distance from Columbus to Charlotte is 426.16 miles.

The road trip out of Columbus to Charlotte will take approximately 23959 minutes if the drive average speed and the absence of accidents and traffic jams


Road map driving directions from Columbus to Charlotte

Start city: Columbus

  1. 0.5 miHead south on S 3rd St toward E State St
  2. 0.4 miMerge onto I-70 E/I-71 N via the ramp on the left to Wheeling
  3. 3.7 miKeep right to continue on I-70 E, follow signs for Interstate 70 E/Wheeling
  4. 68.8 miTake exit 105A to merge onto US-33 E/Southeast Expy toward Lancaster
    Continue to follow US-33 E
  5. 2.1 miTake the exit onto OH-32 W/US-33 E/US-50 W toward Pomeroy/Chillicothe
  6. 0.3 miTake the US-33 E exit toward Pomeroy/Ravenswood/Richland Ave
  7. 18.3 miContinue onto US-33 E
  8. 0.4 miContinue onto OH-833 W
  9. 0.8 miTake the ramp to US-33 E
  10. 18.9 miContinue onto US-33 E
    Entering West Virginia
  11. 0.4 miTurn left to stay on US-33 E
  12. 2.3 miTurn left to stay on US-33 E
  13. 105 miTurn right to merge onto I-77 S/US-33 E toward US-33 E
    Continue to follow I-77 S
    Partial toll road
  14. 66.7 miKeep right at the fork to stay on I-77 S
    Partial toll road
    Entering Virginia
  15. 0.9 miTake the Interstate 77 S/Interstate 81 N/U.S. 52 S exit on the left toward Charlotte NC/Roanoke
  16. 8.0 miMerge onto I-77 S/I-81 N/US-52 S
    Continue to follow I-77 S/I-81 N
  17. 0.5 miTake exit 81 for I-77 S toward Charlottte NC
  18. 36.7 miContinue onto I-77 S
    Entering North Carolina
  19. 89.3 miKeep right at the fork to stay on I-77 S, follow signs for Statesville
  20. 1.4 miTake exit 11 to merge onto I-277 S/NC-16 S
  21. 0.1 miTake exit 3B for Eleventh St/Church St/Tryon St
  22. 0.5 miTurn right onto N Church St
  23. 466 ftTurn left onto W 5th St
  24. 482 ftTurn right at the 1st cross street onto N Tryon St

Destination: Charlotte

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