If you use miles as a unit of length than - the distance from Atlanta to Colorado Springs is 1386.12 miles.

The road trip out of Atlanta to Colorado Springs will take approximately 71991 minutes if the drive average speed and the absence of accidents and traffic jams


Road map driving directions from Atlanta to Colorado Springs

Start city: Atlanta

  1. 79 ftHead north on Capitol Ave SW
  2. 0.2 miTurn right onto M.L.K. Jr Dr SE
  3. 0.2 miTurn left onto the Interstate 75 (North)/Interstate 85 (North) ramp
  4. 3.1 miMerge onto I-75 N/I-85 N
  5. 18.0 miKeep right at the fork to continue on I-75 N, follow signs for Marietta Chattanooga
    Parts of this road may be closed at certain times or days
  6. 0.7 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-75 N
  7. 87.3 miKeep left to stay on I-75 N
    Entering Tennessee
  8. 0.5 miTake exit 2 on the left for I-24 W toward Chattanooga/Nashville
  9. 5.7 miContinue onto I-24 W
  10. 131 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-24 W, follow signs for Interstate 24 W/Interstate 59/Nashville/Birmingham
    Passing through Georgia
    Entering Tennessee
  11. 2.7 miKeep right at the fork to stay on I-24 W, follow signs for Clarksville/Louisville/Interstate 65 N
  12. 2.2 miKeep right to stay on I-24 W
  13. 176 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-24 W, follow signs for Clarksville/Interstate 24 W
    Passing through Kentucky
    Entering Illinois
  14. 52.1 miTake exit 44B on the left to merge onto I-57 N toward Chicago
  15. 70.8 miKeep left at the fork to continue on I-64 W, follow signs for St Louis
  16. 0.5 miTake exit 3B for IL-3 N toward Kansas City
  17. 13.2 miMerge onto I-70 W
    Entering Missouri
  18. 20.9 miKeep left to stay on I-70 W
  19. 215 miKeep left to stay on I-70 W
  20. 1.1 miKeep left at the fork to continue on I-670 W, follow signs for I-70 Alt/I-35 S/13th St/Downtown/Topeka/Wichita
  21. 2.7 miKeep left to stay on I-670 W
    Entering Kansas
  22. 53.7 miMerge onto I-70 W
    Partial toll road
  23. 456 miKeep right at the fork to stay on I-70 W, follow signs for Interstate 70 W/U.S. 40 W/KS-4 W/Topeka/Salina
    Partial toll road
    Entering Colorado
  24. 0.2 miTake exit 359 toward Limon
  25. 0.4 miTurn left onto I-70BL E
  26. 66.1 miContinue onto US-24 W
  27. 5.2 miContinue onto E Platte Ave
  28. 0.3 miTurn left onto Wahsatch Ave
  29. 0.2 miTurn right onto Pikes Peak Ave

Destination: Colorado Springs

Features of the route between Atlanta and Colorado Springs

Welcome to the map of direction between Atlanta and Colorado Springs. Driving by car on the driveway of United states of America you must have a detailed directions map and a comptometer that would assist to calculate yardstick of combustible and itinerary budget. This distance calculator is useful if you travel by car and quest for a driveway from Atlanta or driveway to Colorado Springs. Directions between Atlanta and Colorado Springs are calculated in kilometers and miles. For a calculation we use public information from Maps of Google. Utilizing the map zoom you may zoom in map with directions and view the details of the way to Colorado Springs. If this is your first drive to city of Colorado Springs the way map will help you not to lose.
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