If you use miles as a unit of length than - the distance from Atlanta to Bakersfield is 2190.71 miles.

The road trip out of Atlanta to Bakersfield will take approximately 113555 minutes if the drive average speed and the absence of accidents and traffic jams


Road map driving directions from Atlanta to Bakersfield

Start city: Atlanta

  1. 207 ftHead north on Capitol Ave SW toward M.L.K. Dr NW
    Parts of this road may be closed at certain times or days
  2. 436 ftTurn left onto M.L.K. Dr NW
  3. 0.2 miTurn left onto Washington St SW
  4. 0.2 miTurn right onto Memorial Dr SW
  5. 282 ftTurn left onto Pryor St SW
  6. 1.3 miTurn right to merge onto I-20 W
  7. 4.6 miKeep left to stay on I-20 W
  8. 2.0 miKeep left to stay on I-20 W
  9. 4.7 miKeep left to stay on I-20 W
  10. 134 miKeep left to stay on I-20 W
    Entering Alabama
  11. 3.6 miTake exit 124B to merge onto I-65 N toward Huntsville
  12. 1.2 miTake exit 265A for Memphis
  13. 43.1 miContinue onto I-22
  14. 155 miKeep left to stay on I-22
    Entering Mississippi
  15. 22.3 miContinue onto US-78 W
    Entering Tennessee
  16. 4.6 miMerge onto I-240 W via the ramp to St Louis
  17. 5.8 miKeep left to continue on I-55 N
  18. 0.2 miTake the I-55/US-61 exit toward St Louis/Little Rock
  19. 7.7 miContinue onto I-55 N/US-61 N
    Entering Arkansas
  20. 123 miKeep left at the fork to continue on I-40 W, follow signs for Little Rock
  21. 1.1 miKeep right at the fork to stay on I-40 W, follow signs for U.S. 65/U.S. 107/Fort Smith
  22. 0.6 miKeep left to stay on I-40 W
  23. 144 miKeep left to stay on I-40 W
  24. 173 miKeep left to stay on I-40 W
    Entering Oklahoma
  25. 1,228 miKeep left at the fork to stay on I-40 W
    Passing through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona
    Entering California
  26. 3.6 miMerge onto I-15 S
  27. 0.5 miTake exit 179 for CA-58 toward Bakersfield
  28. 51.2 miContinue onto CA-58 W
  29. 72.8 miContinue straight to stay on CA-58 W
  30. 0.2 miTake exit 111 toward Chester Ave/H St
  31. 0.1 miContinue onto Richland St
  32. 1.4 miTurn right onto S Chester Ave

Destination: Bakersfield

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